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About Me

Tanya Roesler – Kirby is one of the most sought after Integrative Naturopaths in Sydney. With over 35 years of experience, Tanya’s commitment to natural therapies is infectious. Her passion toward natural health and the belief that the mind and body are intrinsically connected to our health and well being, is reflected in her own healthy life-style and commitment to her craft.

"A single act of kindness
can cause ripples of healing"


My Treatments


Full Spectrum Infrared sauna!

As a naturopath of the 21st Century I am always on the lookout for techniques that can best serve my naturopathic clients. “Most people” dread the word detox; they put it in the too hard basket.


It is time consuming and after all, who wants to get sick before their health gets better?

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Promotes relaxation, Reduces anxiety, depression and stress, Improves circulation of blood and lymph to the whole body + more.

Pre-natal Massage

Relieves muscle aches and pains, alleviates depression and increases wellbeing, Improves cardiovascular health + more.

Integrative Healing Consultations

Tanya has been a qualified, insured and practicing naturopath since graduating in 1998.

Her specialised sessions aim at assessing the client in a holistic way. Tanya has a passion and fascination with understanding how people tick. The nervous system, is, therefore one of her favourite systems in the body.

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As a tradie my work day is physically demanding and tough on my body. Not only does Tanya tend to my injuries, allowing me to get back to work, she relaxes my mind and nourishes my spirit with her words of wisdom. I highly recommend her services.

Jay, Manly

Being given a pre-natal massage with Tanya a week prior to my due date was the best gift I could have wished for. It really touched me both physically and mentally, so much so that my waters broke that night. I can't wait to get back there and to feel that relaxed again.

Virginia Balgowlah

I have suffered for many years from a severe excema-like skin condition, but have had a remarkable improvement after consultations with Tanya. Tanya helped me with dietary and lifestyle advice, colloidal mineral supplements and remedial massage! Many thanks Tanya!

Martin, Forestville

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