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“All Diseases begin in the Bowel” (Hippocrates)

Hippocrates – The Disowned father of modern medicine believed that all Dis-Ease begins in the bowel… and guess what?? He was right!

Without a free flowing elimination system, the body cannot get rid of toxins… The bowels are the bodies PRIMARY elimination system.

A lot of the toxins and undigestable matter that you abused your body with at some point or other… Is still in your bowels… Rotting Away… (Check out our Mucoid Plaque article) This trapped waste, causes people to look and feel bloated, feel sluggish, move sluggishly… and is food for the numerous parasites and funguses that thrive in todays many abused and neglected bodies.

all the damage done can be repaired, all wrongs righted… start cleansing yourself… you probably shower once if not twice a day… when last did you clean your insides?

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